10 Questions w/ Neil

This person has pushed boundaries within susupension for years! He is a beast on hooks and quite the interesting character.  We hope you enjoy this next Interview with Neil!


1. Who are you?

Neil Chakrabarti aka Spicy Brown aka…

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10 Questions w/ Misty

Note from the editor:

Our next interview is a special one to us here at Suspension Life HQ.  This person inspired many in the suspension community with the introduction of Hook Life! We are honored to have this amazing woman…

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Finding Your Body

We do not get to choose the bodies we are given but we do get to choose what we do about them. 

In the words of our late, dearly beloved Fakir: 

“Physical difference frightens people in our culture more than

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10 Questions w/ Orbán Isma

Our Next Installment of 10 questions features someone in the community who has led multiple events. He is able to organize suspension practitioners from all around the world to participate in beautiful installations. Without further ado....


1. Who are you? 

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Ovoideum recounts the journey!

Many of us suspend because we are part of groups that share a common interest in body modification. We have peers who have just as many piercings or tattoos as we do, we attend events where we can watch suspension…

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10 Questions w/ Morgan

Welcome to our new installment of 10 Questions!

Today we introduce another amazing person in the community. 


1. Who are you?

I'm Morgan! 

2. Why suspension?

Suspension has changed my life in ways I couldn't have ever imagined- It gives…

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Holy Mountain Climbs A Hill

Summer is upon us and its prime time for outdoor suspensions! Around this time you will start to see multiple teams across the USA post up pictures of their hiking adventures, outdoor meets, and maybe some guerilla suspensions! Holy Mountain…

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10 QUESTIONS w/ Eden Thomson

Welcome to our first of many installments of 10 QUESTIONS. This is a meet and greet type interview of those that inspire others inside of the suspension community. Our 1st guest is a great one, if you all would put…

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Let's let the phoenix rise from the ashes!




Misty Forsberg used to run a blog called hook life.  This blog (when she ran it) was a great source of inspiration to me when I first wanted to get into suspensions.  It helped me learn more about people in…

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Welcome to Suspension.Life


This is a new site and blog dedicated to the art of body suspension. We will be featuring photos, video, stories, gear reviews and interviews with the world wide suspension community. This site is under construction, so be sure…

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