Let's let the phoenix rise from the ashes!




Misty Forsberg used to run a blog called hook life.  This blog (when she ran it) was a great source of inspiration to me when I first wanted to get into suspensions.  It helped me learn more about people in the community and what people were really doing around the world! Each one of these posts highlighted the successes of the members of the suspension community at large. 

I think it's time we bring this back! Let’s focus on team event write ups, amazing suspension stories/interviews, and be able to provide links to teams around the world for anyone looking in their area. Let's be a beacon of positivity in our own community and stand up to a world that is outlawing safe body suspensions. 

I encourage the suspension community practitioners to please get in touch with me to provide me with public contact information, websites, social media pages so I can start building a team resource page. I also encourage anyone who suspends to submit pictures, stories, writeups, etc so we can showcase your awesome work! 

I hope that together we can build a database of information where people can go for the questions that they have.  I am open to hear any thoughts or feedback on this project.


- Patches Sullivan 
Photo Credit: Patches

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