Oslo SusCon 2019

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Månefisken, Sagveien 23 A, 0459, Oslo, Norway

The 18th in a row, Oslo SusCon will be held at Månefisken in Oslo July 15–18, with the addition of set-up on the 14th for crew and volunteers and a party on the 19th.

Registrations are open: https://wingsofdesire.org/events/oslo-suscon/

The main event runs for four days, ending with a party on the fifth: Sunday 14th—local crew, guest crew, and the volunteers set up the venue, get registered, and attend volunteer and crew meetings. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday—main focus on suspensions. Friday 19th—our infamous OSC After-party with BBQ, Booze, and Branding in Håvves backyard. Public Hours will be on Wednesday 17th from 15:30 to 19:30 CC: 150.

Read more about the awesomeness that is OSC on our webpage.

SPONSORS - Yes, please! Månefisken BLEKK PS Hooks PS Media Pain Solution

If you want to sponsor our popular event, we would greatly appreciate it! Send an email to alan@wingsofdesire.org or head@wingsofdesire.org.